Take Part In A Project that Matters, Project Falling

Everyone can help with Project Falling, and it's very simple. Here is how you can be involved:


Be In the Images:

If you are a model, athlete, singer, actor, actress, or just want to try modeling for Project Falling, come join the Project. We'll have fun!


Makeup Artists:

If you are a makeup artist who is interested in new and exciting projects to have in your portfolio, Project Falling will be a nice fit for you. We may do different styles of makeup, from glamorous to beaten up drunks.



You like helping with clothing and many different styles? Can you get a hold of unique wardrobes? Let me know what you can do and if you have any ideas.


Hair Stylists:

Hair can be a very important and crucial thing in the kind of shoots I am going to have. It doesn't matter if you have an experience or if you just starting your journey, you are welcome to help out.


Provide A Location

Do you have a cool looking backyard, or a unique house, or, do you know of any places that can be good for Project Falling's photos?  Let me know and I will scout the location(s).


Have Something Else to Offer?

I'm open to suggestions so you can share what's on your mind.



You can donate to help financing the way to a dedicated Project Falling Gallery and for the production of prints. Just click DONATE via the PayPal button above.


All contributers will be mentioned throughout the project and other perks can be discussed.


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