Free Fall                                                   Thursday | June 26th, 2014 | 10:00 PM

I will allow you, the reader, to interpret the situation in this photograph.

This shoot of Project Falling was a pretty different experience with the awesome performer, Alexandra Underhill, on a sunny day in downtown Los Angeles. We decided to shoot with a certain custom and didn't figure out the exact location quite yet. After scouting for a few minutes I noticed the City Hall of Los Angeles and decided it's worth checking out. When we got there the place was empty. No people were walking by, crossing, jogging, taking photos. Nothing. Lucky us, right?!


Alexandra (Xan) came walking with her tall stilts and started posing for this very challenging shoot. It was very uncomfortable for her to get into different positions and was a pretty good workout. This is what it's all about anyway, getting out of the comfort zone. Trying new things every day!


Thank you very much Xan, for your time and good spirit participating Project Falling. You were incredible, professional and fun to work with!


To see what Xan is up to check out her Facebook profile


After about 2 hours of shooting different poses and in different locations I decided to pick the picture below.


When Cowboys Get To Hollywood      Saturday | February 22nd, 2014 | 7:37 PM

I want to say that I am honored to be the neighbor of a young talented actor, Hagen Mills. A few weeks ago, I asked him if he would like to participate in Project Falling and he said yes, happily. Then and there I knew I have to make his character as believable as possible, so after watching a Bonnie and Clyde movie that he was in, I knew the answer!


A shoot took place 2 Sundays ago, with the talented actor Hagen Mills, who found himself in some uncomfortable poses and great workout just so we could get the desired shot. We started by getting to the location we thought could be the best for our short story but the place was closed and looked really different at the time so we walked around scouting for the next best location. Honestly we walked about 5 steps before we found an even better spot to have the photo shoot.


After a few test shots to set up the camera settings according to the sunlight, Hagen started posing in many  different ways and was able to show many different facial expressions which were really great for his character. He had some challenges with posing on the chair (like everyone else) but it seemed as if he's a very strong man, who knows maybe he'll start doing some crazy stunts?! ;)


So after (not too) many shots, sore muscles and some Californian tan we got great shots. Awesome work Hagen, we got it!

You should all go check out Hagen's IMDB!


This time the story is about a drunk actor who thought he was still acting a part in a movie scene. Truth is that he got fired and won't play the cowboy he was supposed to have been. Jumping off of a roof was part of what he needed to do in the movie. After a few beers, he decided to do it anyway, but this time there was no matters to soften his fall.


The Big "Shoot Out"                              Thursday | January 30th, 2014 | 9:46 PM

Many people are wanting to participate in Project Falling and I will shoot with ALL OF YOU people. In the meantime, we are having a cool photos shoot next weekend with an amazing actor. That's all I can say for now, so come back and get updated next weekend. One thing is for sure, some one is going to fall!


An (not so) Ordinary Saturday            Wednesday | January 8th, 2014 | 10:24 AM

As I promised, here is a short video of what was happening last Saturday with Scot Nery. Have fun.


The Window Washer                              Tuesday | January 7th, 2014 | 10:54 AM

Project Falling's second story is about a window washer. Think about how dangerous their job can be. Do some of them even like washing windows 20 floors above the ground?


After cleaning windows for most of his life he decided to have one last job, where his "accident" happened. He "fell" from the 23rd floor, but didn't plan on seeing the scaffolding falling after him.


Don't Try This At Home                          Monday | January 6th, 2014 | 10:36 AM

He was waiting for us outside of the CNN building, just as we planned. I admit I was about 5 minutes late cause I had to buy some water (which came out to be a waist of money. lol). There he was, waiting for us, Scot Nery. If you ever to shoot photos of him make sure you can laugh harder than ever but still take the photos.


The idea for the shoot was discussed prior the photo shoot and we were all ready to make history, or at least take some good pictures. Regularly, I assume that Scot's job is to entertain by, breaking out of backpacks and juggle knives. That Saturday though, Scot was a window washer. Simple right? Not so much. The hardest part of the shoot was probably to wear the safety straps. Oh, and the white stool (this stool will one day be famous).


It was time to start with the shoot and I really appreciate being alive today, because Scot didn't kill me at the end. Yeah, I put him in some difficult situations, doing all kinds of strange poses, literally falling, getting wet, and get stuff thrown at him. I even wanted to push him to the limits by doing hand stands on a stool that could break by standing on it. What a sport, Scot!


Thanks to our 2 assistants, the shoot was a success. Rebecca was the a great water girl and security woman, guarding our stuff while laughing hard from the horror in front of her, and Brian who had the pleasure throwing squeegees, ropes, and buckets on his buddy, Scot.


After a few shots, poses, broken back, neck, ribs and arms (not really), wet sidewalk and one clean window (yeah, Scot decided to actually be a window washer and wash one of the dirty windows), we had the shots we needed. In fact I took too many great shots and it was hard to select because most of them were good and also because they are hilarious!


I started working on the final photograph and will upload it tomorrow, plus a short teaser video of what happened on Saturday. Yes, I have some of it on video!


Until then, I want to thank Rebecca Fireplug and Brian C. James and of course, Scot Nery, for his tremendous help and great spirit for participating Project Falling. If you ever need entertainment and seriously want to laugh your brains out, you should watch his act and hire him for your next events. He's also performing at the Magic Castle so check it out. This is Scot's website: go there now! Or you still here?!




The Second Shot                                   Monday | December 30th, 2013 | 4:10 PM

I am very excited for having the second photo shoot for Project Falling this coming Saturday. The shoot will take place somewhere in Hollywood and will feature an amazing and an insanely funny talent. He (your only "clue") came up with a great idea for the shoot and we will make it happen.


What should expect?  Lets just say that I hope my camera will prove it's weather proof body ;)

Check back soon!



The Falling Mime of Hollywood          Thursday | December 26th, 2013 | 10:30 AM

The first story is about a failing mime from Hollywood. I had come up with 4 beautiful photos so it was hard to choose which one will go in to the project. I chose the one below because it was the most authentic look and feel

I wanted to see and show.


After being a mime for most of his life, he grew tired of the world ignoring him, knowing he could not be heard. He decided to put an end to his misery and at the very last moment of his life he realized that someone will steal his most precious friend, his hat.


The First Photo Shoot - Teaser          Thursday | December 26th, 2013 | 9:40 AM

Antonio agreed to put up the very short video I took from the photo shoot of the The Falling Mime of Hollywood.


Project Falling Has Taken Off!         Wednesday | December 18th, 2013 | 10:49 AM

Last night was the first photo shoot for project falling, which was both challenging and fun, thanks to Antonio G-R for the modeling and Rebecca Fireplug for assisting.


It started by me riding with a white stool on the Metro Red Line from downtown Los Angeles.  Strange enough, no one gave me odd looks or said anything. When I got out to the street one guys said: "nice stool". Lol.  I got home and saw that Antonio was almost ready with the makeup and costume so I took my stuff and off we went.


Equipment used:

Nikon D800e DSLR Camera.

Crappy speed light - not been used much.

SD cards - 32 gigabyte.

White stool.

Blue gymnastic mat. - was not used.


I didn't know what to expect of the first shoot for project falling, so we just took the camera and went out on the streets to take the photos. I must say that I learned a lot during that one shoot. I learned that I will have to know exactly what I want from the next shoots and how to direct the people modeling. I also learned that I have to come up with solutions in directing for the next models to conserve their energy during the shoot because it can be physically difficult on them. In addition I learned that daylight shooting will probably be a lot better or easier to work with because then I can stop motion more easily. I didn't use any studio lights, which I might do if I ever shoot for project falling at night. As a bonus I discovered that working with Antonio G-R is pure fun!


The shoot took place on Hollywood Blvd. and we ended up shooting in 4 different spots that were about 100 feet from each other. You don't have to walk for miles in order to get different backgrounds.  We had a bunch of people passing by almost every minute but we didn't mind, in fact it gave Antonio more confidence I think. I remember telling Rebecca "do you think it will be stupid to ask Antonio if he will mind people watching him on the street?" Which was obviously stupid since he's a performer. An experienced clown!


At first I didn't know if he will be able to pose like I wanted him to, because honestly I couldn't do it myself. I was very happy and pleased to see that he performed every pose exactly like I wanted. Of course we did a few takes in each location just to make sure we got the shot.


Over all it was a fun and educating shoot and I have returned home with a bunch of great photos. Now comes the part where I need to choose the one picture that will be best for the story. It won't be easy!


As a bonus I will upload a short video of Antonio, from last night. If he will approve it. Cross your fingers ;)


About the picture, all I can say at the moment is that Antonio was a mime.

Click here to visit Antonio's website. An amazing performer! Thank you Antonio.



Before We Start Shooting                   Monday | December 16th, 2013 | 9:00 AM

Moments after I got the idea and concept of Project Falling, I started planning on how to go about it.  It was time to look for people that will be interested in participating in Project Falling.


Since I'm a photographer and graphic designer I have a few websites that showcase my creations, such as my own custom built websites and other social arms and photo sharing sites, like ModelMayhem, 500px, BDM, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so on. I spread the word that I want to work on a fun and interesting photography project that actually has a meaning and a story structure behind it.


At first I was looking only for models and only in the areas of my whereabouts, Los Angeles. While my head started swimming in ideas, that I had to write in my iPhone's Notes, it came to me that I was limiting myself too much! I then started looking for almost ANYONE who would like to partake in Project Falling. It helped me widen my ideas. I started looking into other cities as well, such as San Francisco and New York.


The first photo shoot will happen this week or the next one, so hold on and check back in about a week from now, to see the first exposure of Project Falling.


Anyone can contribute to Project Falling, model in it or even donate to help financing the way to a dedicated gallery.


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